Come CloSeR Show

People and enterprises strong in diversity

That was the main theme of the Come CloSeR Show 2018 held in Cracow, the already third edition of an event renowned as a platform bringing together academics, business and the third sector around diversity and social inclusion, particularly of persons with disabilities.

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Polish saudade - Ireneusz Białek's blog

“Everything but Portugal,” one of my collaborators often says during meetings when things need to be done fast but suddenly our interlocutors start to show an interest in a given topic. This is her – expressed jokingly – warning that the conversation with me concerning the subject may take a long time.

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Two Poles recieve Ashoka's "social Noble Prize"

The world’s largest and most prestigious network of social innovators, Ashoka has two new Polish members now.

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Accessible Company in an Accessible Environment

We publish as a e-book a guidebook entitled The Accessible Company in an Accessible Environment which offers some tips for enterprises on how to effectively implement in practice the process of including persons with various disabilities in employee teams that benefits them, the companies and society.

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WIN with Capgemini

Win with Capgemini is an original community engagement programme of Capgemini Polska and the Managers of the Future MOFFIN Foundation developed as a result of the partnpartners’ conviction that the effective inclusion of persons with disabilities in the labour market is something both employers and society need. That conviction is the basis of the notion known as CSR plus D. The programme was launched in 2014, initially as a pilot scheme, and continues to be developed until today, being a model solution for other companies in the sector of modern business services. It does not involve job creation in sheltered employment, nor does it use subsidies from the National Disabled Persons’ Rehabilitation Fund.

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Breakthroughs, Mermaids, Bunny Ears and Eagles 
Ireneusz Białek talks to Chris Niedenthal

Ireneusz Białek talks to Chrisem Niedenthal - a famous european photographer.

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Documentaries by Ireneusz Białek

Ireneusz Białek and Małgorzata Perdeus-Białek are authors of many radio documentaries. A few of them were quite famous, popular and aworded with so prestigious national and international awords. Most of the material focuses on social issues or culture and arts.

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Jazz University - Interview with Kuba Stankiewicz

An interview with Kuba Stankiewicz, an eminent jazz pianist, composer and author of the album “The Music of Victor Young”.

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Who is the Manager of the Future?

Edyta Galaszewska-Bogusz of Accenture Operations Polska says that managers of the future should treat employees as equals because in companies of today hierarchy begins to lose relevance. More at Subtitles in Polish and English are available.

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