Accessible Company in an Accessible Environment

 Indeed, dear managers, aficionados of that notion, board chairmen but primarily your colleagues from the Task Force have done a great job, and now you have the task of getting familiar with it, getting closer to the subject and exploring it, so simply Come CloSeR, come CloSeR to Disability. You are receiving the first of the series of guidebooks concerning themes related to diversity and corporate community engagement. I invite you to read it, come together in our social network of Managers of the Future and meet us in person during one of the editions of the Come CloSeR Show. Join us as soon as you can, we need your engagement, action and passion for changing companies and their environment.

We publish as a e-book a guidebook entitled The Accessible Company in an Accessible Environment which offers some tips for enterprises on how to effectively implement in practice the process of including persons with various disabilities in employee teams that benefits them, the companies and society.

Discover “The Accessible Company in an Accessible Environment” guide as an e-book here.

Guidebook “The Accessible Company in an Accessible Environment“ is under Creative Commons 3.0 licence.

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