Irek Białek is a member of Ashoka, an international network of social innovators

Ashoka Fellows

The Ashoka network comprises a mere 3,500 members across the world as its rigorous conditions are met only by unique social innovators who work for the common good. The search for and selection of Ashoka members is an international process based on five criteria: the candidate must propose a novel idea on a global scale, have a potential for a major social impact, creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit as well as be unquestionably ethical.

Ashoka is an international network of social innovators. For 30 years now in over 80 countries, we have been connecting and supporting eminent leaders of change as well as supporting their teams and putting them in contact with persons and institutions that boost the scale of the impact of their innovative ideas. It is our belief that systemic change starts with individuals with strong moral foundations, leadership and managerial skills as well as a vision for resolving the challenges of our times.