Two Poles recieve Ashoka's "social Noble Prize"

The world’s largest and most prestigious network of social innovators, Ashoka has two new Polish members now.

 The distinction - dubbed the “social Nobel Prize” by experts - has been awarded to Ireneusz Białek, board chairman of the Managers of the Future MOFFIN Foundation, and Jacek Purski, head of the Institute of Public Safety Awareness. Previously named Ashoka Fellows include the creator of Wikipedia, the man behind the Slow Food movement or the author of the Fair Trade certificate.

Ashoka’s network has merely 3,500 members in the world as the strict membership conditions are met only by extraordinary social innovators acting for the common good. The search and selection of Ashoka Fellows is an international process based on five criteria: the candidate must have a new global-scale idea, potential to exert a major social impact, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. On top of that, his/her actions must be unquestionably ethical.
Ashoka supports its members in various ways, from financial bursaries to facilitation of contacts and networking with other innovators.
- We believe that each of our Ashoka Fellows can solve problems and make positive changes for others happen. At the same time, we know how hard it is to do it on your own. Ashoka builds networks and support systems for those who make the world a better place, explains Agata Stafiej-Bartosik, Ashoka’s Country Director in Poland.
New Ashoka members

Over recent weeks, new Ashoka Fellows have been selected: Ireneusz Białek and Jacek Purski.
Ireneusz Białek is board chairman of the Managers of the Future MOFFIN Foundation, an organisation which develops tools and conditions for taking and implementing initiatives in the field of corporate social responsibility on a large scale. International Ashoka experts were particularly impressed by the activities carried out for the benefit of persons from groups that are disadvantaged in the labour market.
Jacek Purski heads the Institute of Public Safety Awareness and is the creator of a unique method for identifying early symptoms of radicalisation in local communities and an early intervention process thanks to which it can be nipped in the bud.
 Ashoka is an international network of social innovators. For 30 years and in more than 80 countries, we have been facilitating links between and support for excellent leaders of change, strengthening their teams and bringing them together with people and institutions which boost the scale of the impact of their innovative ideas. We believe that systemic changes start from individuals with a strong ethical backbone, leadership and management skills as well as a vision for addressing challenges of the contemporary world.
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