Come CloSer Show

Business Closer to Disability

The 2016 edition of the Come CloSeR Show was staged in Cracow by the Managers of the Future MOFFIN Foundation together with the Association of Business Service Leaders in Poland (ABSL) and the enterprise Capgemini Polska.

The event targeted business managers appreciating the potential that diversity brings to their teams, in particular that of persons with disabilities, who can and should be part of such teams in the sector of modern business services and elsewhere. The MOFFIN Foundation and the ABSL signed a declaration entitled ‘Business Closer to Disability’ proclaiming cooperation focused on improving the awareness of business managers in the area of disability and the accessibility of their enterprises with specific needs of persons with disabilities in mind. It is on the basis of the declaration that a task force called Come CloSeR to Disability was set up, made of representatives of HR, CSR and Diversity departments from various companies. On the strength of their collaboration, they will strive for more awareness of the business sector of what accessible companies friendly to persons with disabilities are really about.

The declaration ‘Business Closer to Disability’ was signed by Jolanta Jaworska, Government and Regulatory Affairs Director IBM Poland & Baltics, and Terri Gerosa, Managing Director of Citibank International LTD Service Centre Poland.

The Come CloSeR Show 2016 also featured presentations concerning social inclusion and diversity from several European countries of the partners involved in the project CSR plus the missing D:

Tommy Wølk Andersen, Code of Care, Denmark,

Sandra Ballij, Ctalents, Netherlands,

Rosa Doran, Nuclio, Portugal.

The recommendations for business developed by the CSR plus the missing D project partnership can be found here.

Later in the Come CloSer Show, we tried to answer the question ‘Who is the Manager of the Future?’ posed by Irek Białek in a panel discussion with audience participation.   

Here are the replies of the following panellists:

James Robey of Capgemini Group, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Director, United Kingdom,

Agnieszka Dejna of Cooperative Brewery in Puck, Poland,

Martin Turnau of Turnau Global Consulting, Poland,

Edyta Gałaszewska-Bogusz of Accenture Polska.


Additionally, the participants of the Come CloSeR Show 2016 could take part in a come CloSeR café debate, discussing various subjects related to the accessibility of companies and analysing methods of overcoming barriers, particularly mental ones, so that the implementation of the principles of accessibility and corporate social responsibility could be put into practice in a better and fuller way.

Here is video footage of the Come CloSeR Show 2016.