Come CloSer Show

The Accessible Company in an Accessible Environment

That was the motto behind the second edition of the Come CloSeR Show held in a unique venue, the Museum of Municipal Engineering (MME) in Cracow in May 2017. The participants were welcomed by Irek Białek of MOFFIN, with Shell Polska CEO Piotr Dziwok and Aleksandra Ossowska-Owczarczyk of Roche also taking the floor to start the proceedings.

During the Come CloSer Show, its participants received a guidebook for managers of the future entitled The Accessible Company in an Accessible Environment presented by Karolina Długosz of Capgemini Polska, Dorota Piotrowska of Strefa job, now Netguru, and Justyna Cuże, a disability expert.

The e-version of the guidebook can be downloaded here.

A panel discussion concerning detailed aspects of the implementation of the principles of the accessible company open to diversity and friendly to persons with disabilities was moderated by Irek Białek and involved the following speakers:

Marek Plura, Member of the European Parliament,

Aleksandra Ossowska-Owczarczyk, HR Manager, Roche IT Solutions,

Robert Salisz – Deputy Director of the MME in charge of development,

Konrad Rychlewski – Ability Employee Resource Group, Google,

Jesse Cortez – Global Inclusion Coordinator, HP,

Ives Veuillet – Global Inclusion Manager, IBM.


Below please find some opinions of the discussion participants on the Come CloSeR Show 2017 and the guidebook.

Irek Białek also held a conversation with Marek Grodziński in the Chairman to Chairman format. Below you can find footage featuring parts of the discussion organised under the patronage of Ashoka Polska and the Association of Business Service Leaders in Poland (ABSL).



The guests of the Come CloSeR Show 2017 also took part in practical workshops and were offered opportunities to get in contact with others, for instance when visiting the exhibition area of the MME.