Come CloSeR Show

People and enterprises strong in diversity

That was the main theme of the Come CloSeR Show 2018 held in Cracow, the already third edition of an event renowned as a platform bringing together academics, business and the third sector around diversity and social inclusion, particularly of persons with disabilities.

Whilst there are many events focusing on corporate social responsibility, there is just one Show and its photo gallery proves it well. During the Come CloSeR Show, we are always accompanied by artists  expressing social ideas through their creative output. This year, they were Aga Zaryan, Grzegorz Dowgiałło, Lech Kolasiński, Ola Krawczyk and Orest Tabaka.

The Show’s rich agenda, complete with great atmosphere and – always positively - electrifying debates, were made possible thanks to our sponsors and the event’s standing partners.

The Come CloSeR Show was opened by Irek Białek on behalf of the organiser the Managers of the Future MOFFIN Foundation, Maciej Borkowski for the Association of Business Service Leaders in Poland (ABSL) and Credit Suisse Polska, as well as Karolina Długosz on behalf of Capgemini Polska. Then they all took part in a panel discussion entitled ‘The beauty of diversity: enrichment or utopia’. The panellists also included the Vice-Rector of the Cracow School of Economics Prof. Janina Filek, President of the Institute of Social Safety Jacek Purski, Board Chairman of Salesberry Piotr Płóciennik and the jazz singer Aga Zaryan.

Then the event participants joined thematic workshops in three parallel working groups, to subsequently get together for a marvellous performance by Grzegorz Dowgiałło – an unusually talented multi-instrumentalist, vocally accompanied by Aga Zaryan. The artists sang together What a Wonderful World and Suzanne.

Just like every year, the participants of the Come CloSeR Show left Cracow full of diverse experiences. Let us hope they will stay with them on a daily basis when they strive to implement all the things they learnt during the event or what inspired them in enterprises and people strong in diversity.