Come CloSeR to Disability Task Force 2017

The Come CloSeR to Disability task force was set up on the basis of the Business Closer to Disability declaration signed during the Come CloSeR Show 2016. It brings together representatives of a dozen or so international enterprises as well as independent experts specialising in matters related to corporate social responsibility, diversity and disability.

In 2017, the task force prepared a guidebook entitled The Accessible Company in an Accessible Environment with tips for companies on how to effectively implement the process of including persons with various disabilities in their employee teams for the benefit of those interested, the enterprises themselves and society in general. The publication was announced during the Come CloSeR Show 2017. It is available as a book and in electronic format it can be downloaded here – link.

While working on the guidebook, the task force held regular meetings in companies across Poland, for instance in Cracow at Capgemini, in Wrocław at Google and in Poznań at Strefa job, additionally inviting external guests specialising in HR, CSR or Employer Branding.

Come CloSeR to Disability task force meeting at Google, Wrocław 2016, Photo: MOFFIN archive
Come CloSeR to Disability task force meeting at Strefa job, Poznań, March 2017, Photo by Aleksandra Bauza

 Members of the Come CloSeR to Disability task force in 2017:

Karolina Długosz, Capgemini

Irek Białek, MOFFIN

Katarzyna Duraj-Per, MOFFIN

Nina Kaczmarczyk,  Cisco

Magdalena Makowska, IKEA Business Service Center

Konrad Rychlewski, Google

Małgorzata Perdeus-Białek, MOFFIN

Anna Wandzel, disability expert

Justyna Cuże, disability expert

Agnieszka Sznajder, diversity expert

Dorota Piotrowska, Strefa job, now in Netguru

Monika Jankowska-Rangelov, UBS