Come CloSeR to Disability Task Force 2018

The Come CloSeR to Disability task force meeting at Capgemini Polska, Cracow, April 2018

In 2018, the task force has met on three occasions in order to discuss in detail the practical aspects of accessibility outlined in the guidebook The Accessible Company in an Accessible Environment.

This year, the meetings are hosted by Capgemini Polska, an enterprise that has developed advanced accessibility-enhancing solutions as part of its programme Win with Capgemini, sharing them with the other participants.

The task force also worked on the agenda of the Come CloSeR Show 2018, an event staged in Cracow in May 2018, bringing together persons involved in improving accessibility and diversity from companies, universities and third sector organisations.

Members of the Come CloSeR to Disability task force in 2018:

Karolina Długosz, Capgemini

Irek Białek, MOFFIN

Katarzyna Duraj-Per, MOFFIN

Nina Kaczmarczyk,  Cisco

Alicja Sojka, Credit Suisse

Karolina Zimak, Credit Suisse

Krzysztof Kminkowski, Credit Suisse

Aneta Turska, ABB

Izabela Mach, Shell

Katarzyna Lampart, Shell Business Operations

Magdalena Makowska (Sorówka), IKEA Business Service Center

Konrad Rychlewski, Google

Małgorzata Perdeus-Białek, MOFFIN

Anna Wandzel, disability expert