Documentaries by Ireneusz Białek

Ireneusz Białek and Małgorzata Perdeus-Białek are authors of many radio documentaries. A few of them were quite famous, popular and aworded with so prestigious national and international awords. Most of the material focuses on social issues or culture and arts.


"Paige" is a story of Paweł and his guide dog, of a bond that can unite a man and an assisting animal. Americans may call it good teamwork but one is tempted to stick to the word “bond” which seems a better choice for describing this relation.

It is possibly the story of the bond moving the listener that made the piece receive some key awards available to documentary makers at the time: the Jacek Stwora Bursary and the Documentary of the Year title in a competition held by Polish Radio Three and the Gazeta Wyborcza daily. 

"Romantics of rock music"

A year later, another piece by Ireneusz Białek received the Documentary of the Year title awarded by Polish Radio Three. That was the broadcast entitled “Romantics of rock music” made in the memory of the already legendary radio presenter and music fan Tomasz Beksiński, who had massively influenced a whole generation of listeners and whose premature death shocked them all, including the author of the documentary. And so on the one hand the material is an homage paid to Tomasz, yet on the other a record of the listeners’ emotions and it includes archived and little known footage from radio broadcasts featuring Tomasz Beksiński conducted in Radio Krakow by Ireneusz Białek.

"Our daily bread"

In the times of supermarkets and access to all possible goods, do we still know how basic daily necessities are or should be made? Do we have any associations with true tastes and flavours reminiscent of old times? In his song "Lanckorona", Marek Grechuta was singing about true bread, yet do its baking, taste and aroma belong already to history, or can we somehow make a connection with them?

Here is an attempt at answering such questions: a meeting with a good bread aficionado from the Bread Museum in Radzionków.

The piece received a distinction in the Polska i Świat 2001 competition in the literary reportage category.

"To see is to foresee the future"

In 2003, Ireneusz Białek and Małgorzata Perdeus-Białek decided to end their adventure with radio documentary. To make that decision was hard, as the period abounded in various travels and meetings with fascinating people yet at the same time the Jagiellonian University Disability Support Service had come into being and it required more time. The 2003 International Prix Europa Festival held in Berlin was the last radio festival where their documentary was publicly presented. It was a piece called "To see means to foresee the future" which ranked eighth among over 40 documentaries from across the continent. It may have been thanks to its subject matter, extraordinary for that time, or the charming figure of Professor Bogusław Marek, or maybe the warmth the listeners felt after listening to the material. What matters is that the last documentary does not leave the listener cold.

"Who we are to the world"

Artistic supervision: Anna Sekudewicz from the Polish Radio in Katowice, winner of the "radio Oscar", the main prize in the Prix Italia competition.

This radio reportage dates back to 2001 and the historic visit of John Paul II to Ukraine. The authors interviewed many ordinary people talking about their daily lives. Their stories make a fascinating portrait of Ukraine that has not lost much of its relevance.

The piece was awarded an international distinction: Ake Blomstrom Memorial Prize.


Our thanks go to Janina Jankowska, head of the Studio of Reportage and Documentary of the Polish Radio, for having given us once the chance to enter the extraordinary world of the noble radio art.

Małgorzata Perdeus-Białek
Ireneusz Białek

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