Operational objectives

Pursuant to its Statutes, the objectives of the MOFFIN Foundation are as follows:

  1. Supporting sustainable development in social life;
  2. Extending the area of social participation by disadvantaged and excluded groups, in particular as regards access to education, employment, culture and arts, justice and healthcare;
  3. Developing public awareness, in particular in the areas of diversity, multiculturalism and non-discrimination;
  4. Promoting civic and ecological attitudes;
  5. Creating solutions and tools facilitating the involvement of immigrants in the process of sustainable development, and
  6. Combining research and business in the area of sustainable development.

The Foundation pursues its objectives through the following operations:

  1. Initiating and implementing local, regional, national and international projects;
  2. Creating virtual social networks to develop tools and solutions facilitating sustainable development;
  3. Developing, implementing and offering to others training programmes and strategies in the field of social responsibility, non-discrimination and sustainable development;
  4. Developing an Internet portal promoting knowledge of social responsibility and disseminating the solutions and tools developed;
  5. Promoting attitudes of openness, tolerance and non-discrimination as well as achievements of institutions and individuals in that regard;
  6. Promoting socially responsible initiatives, in particular those taken by small and medium-sized enterprises;
  7. Undertaking various activities championing broad access to culture and arts as universal values which brings together people of various traditions and beliefs;
  8. Coordinating voluntary operations;
  9. Conducting publishing activities;
  10. Delivering social education;
  11. Initiating research and analytical work compatible with the objectives of the Foundation, and
  12. Announcing and conducting social campaigns.

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