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Wokół idei Menedżerów Jutra zgromadziło się wielu ludzi z różnych sektorów i miejsc. Czują się oni ze sobą dobrze, lubią współdziałać na rzecz wspólnych wartości i budują razem przyszłość wnosząc doświadczenie i wiedzę z bardzo wielu miejsc, w których pracują. Prezentujemy tu ich sylwetki.

Co-founder, Board Chairman

Irek Białek

Ireneusz Białek

Back in 2012, Irek was enjoying a conversation with his French friends in a small cafe in central Paris and the idea of a new organisation was born. Already a year later, he was initiating it with a group of passionate supporters of corporate social responsibility. And this is how MOFFIN came about.

A fan of music, best listened to on old tubes, of travels to countries with rich culinary culture and cycling in backcountry areas, but preferably making a stop for a coffee in good company.

Graduated from the Jagiellonian University of Cracow (1998) in journalism. Already as a student, Irek cooperated with local media and then Reportage and Documentary Studio of Polish Radio. Jacek Stwora competition winner for Documentary of the Year 2000 and a two-time recipient of Radio Three award for best reportage footage in 2000 and 2001, including the already famous piece in memory of Tomasz Beksiński Romantics of rock music.  

Originator of the policy for non-discrimination on grounds of disability at the Jagiellonian University, which he implemented first as Disability Officer appointed by Jagiellonian University Rector and since 2005 heading the Disability Support Service, one of the most modern units of its kind at a European university.

Irek served as an expert for EU Equal Initiative in Poland and the Polish Employers’ Confederation "Lewiatan", was a representative of the Ministry of Science at international conferences concerning social inclusion and access to education as well as a member of the Committee on Disability at the Polish Ombudsman.

Since 2013, Board Chairman of the Managers of the Future MOFFIN Foundation, where, together with Polish and international partners, he strives to develop and promote community engagement programmes for enterprises.

Recipient of the Golden Cross of Merit awarded by the President of the Republic of Poland for his social and professional activity.

Since September 2017, an Ashoka Fellow: member of an international network of social innovators.

Co-founder, member of the Board 

Małgorzata Perdeus-Białek

Trainer in diversity and disability. In the training Małgorzata delivers difficult subject become good fun offering the participants actual knowledge as training is her passion, just like reading good books and amassing collectible dolls.

Graduated from the Jagiellonian University in Cracow (1996) in political science. Since 2005, she has delivered a number of training courses in disability awareness for academic teachers. To date, she has worked nearly 1,000 training hours. Małgorzata mastered her trainer’s skills also at Metrum School for Trainers in Katowice as well as postgraduate studies at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw.

In the Managers of the Future MOFFIN Foundation, she trains employees and business managers improving their knowledge of disability, daily life of persons with various disabilities at work as well as cooperation between non-disabled and disabled staff. Co-creator of unique training courses in that area as part of the programme called Win with Capgemini.

Małgorzata also provides training for personnel of cultural institutions in art reception by person with disabilities and the elderly. Co-creator of a method for adapting visual arts to the needs of that group called Multilayer Touch Deep MT3D. 

Prof. Willy Aastrup

(25 Jan 1948 - 14 Jan 2019)
He was a philosopher, business consultant, advisor to the Danish government in the area of social inclusion and disability, creator and long-time director of the Counselling and Support Centre at Aarhus University as well as a coordinator and expert of many European projects targeting vulnerable and excluded groups.

His first meeting with Irek Białek took place at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków in 1999. Their cooperation initiated back then inspired the establishment of one of the most advanced educational support units at a European university. Offering his knowhow and experience, Prof. Willy Aastrup cooperated with the JU Disability Support Service for a number of years.

We will always remember him with gratitude. Below find Irek Białek’s reminiscences about Professor Aastrup: http://irekbialek.pl/en/always-in-the-first-place/.

Lech Kolasiński

Artist, painter and art lover. Lech specialises in making it available to persons with sight disability. Author of the world’s only adaptation of the Nobel Prize medal to the needs of blind and partially sighted persons, which can be touched at the Collegium Maius Jagiellonian University Museum and the Nobel Museum in Stockholm.

Graduate of the second interdisciplinary atelier at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, a PhD student at the Pedagogical University of Cracow specialising in solutions facilitating art reception by blind persons. Co-creator of a method for adapting visual arts to the needs of that group called Multilayer Touch Deep MT3D and a member of the Cracow-based Otwarta Pracownia Association. 

Katarzyna Duraj-Per

She can secure funds for the institutions she works for so that they can continue to develop, yet Katarzyna works only for the ideas she believes in. Corporate social responsibility is one of them.

A graduate of the Cracow School of Economics. Since 2008 in the Disability Support Service of the Jagiellonian University, where she has managed the financial side of the DARE and Constellation Leo projects.

When a university student, Katarzyna was writing a thesis about corporate social responsibility entitled “Come CloSeR”. She later used that title to launch, together with Irek Białek, an international event called Come CloSeR Show bringing the business community together social issues, in particular promoting effective inclusion of persons with disabilities into work in international companies.

Marta Bylica

An aficionado of good literature of which she knows a lot and which she beautifully reads out loud, when asked. A passionate fan of interesting photographs and illustrations, which she tries to combine with quality texts on websites. It is Marta who ensures the linguistic correctness of the articles in the MOFFIN reading room.

Graduate of Polish Studies at the Jagiellonian University. Once a teaching assistant in charge of scanning educational materials for blind persons, she is now responsible for the event called To Touch Culture bringing people together regardless of their disability, age, origin or worldview. She co-organises annual concerts concluding the event and organises open lectures catering to the needs of elderly persons as well as those with various disabilities.

Marta’s knowledge of the Polish language and literature help her prepare audio descriptions for blind persons and subtitles for deaf ones.

Krzysztof Borgulat

Krzysztof’s signature piece is the MOFFIN website. He is the one who takes care of both its artistic format and practical nature.

He was learning the art of design at the University of Silesia, on the Graphics programme, in the traditional graphic techniques atelier of Prof. Eugeniusz Delekta as well as the graphic design atelier supervised by Dr hab. Tomasz Kipka. Krzysztof has mastered graphic design and composed a logo bringing together major business brands under the umbrella of Come CloSeR Show

Yet he does not stop here and perfects his skills at all times.

Karolina Długosz

For many years now, she has been combining two worlds, that of the needs of NGOs and of business, and finds that borderland her very own place. Since 2011, CSR manager at Capgemini Polska. Karolina is not a great fan of business dress code. Privately, a lover of two wheels and even November weather will not stop her from pursuing her passion.

Together with MOFFIN experts, she has developed and implements the programme called

Win with Capgemini whose main tenet is convincing both partners that true inclusion of persons with disabilities into employee teams is necessary both for employers and society at large. She has gained experience first in an NGO and later in international companies cooperating with institutions of all three sectors. She thinks that each one has serious faults. She believes that involvement in social initiatives brings the sense of agency, so vital in our lives. A graduate of the Jagiellonian University and postgraduate studies at Collegium Civitas.

Jakub Kosiniak

It is his voice that you can hear in our spots and audio descriptions, and previously in reportage pieces by Irek Białek. We know it makes a lasting impression on the audience: trained for years on the radio, in the theatre and recording studios, it is one of the best Polish voices we know.

A professional reader driver by a great passion for …reading. Whatever he does, also as an actor and proof-reader, his involvement is absolute.

Apart from offering his voice for the needs of MOFFIN, he also reads audio guides and audio books.

An excerpt from the play Awantura o Toto with Jakub's voice.

Mikołaj Sekrecki

A translator and conference interpreter from and into English, accredited by the European Institutions. Every time Irek Białek comes up with a new and barely translatable brand, Mikołaj is bound to finds its best English equivalent. He always approaches his tasks eruditely and equipped with a great sense of humour.

He has translated poems by Wisława Szymborska, a Polish Nobel Prize winner. He translates all texts concerning disability and discrimination with refinement and subtlety matching the subject. The English version of the MOFFIN website is his contribution, too.

He has completed English Studies and Postgraduate Studies for Conference Interpreters at the Jagiellonian University. Apart from English, he likes other languages and is a keen learner.

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