Institutional recommendations

Institutional recommendations

Thales, an international enterprise

Mrs Małgorzata Perdeus-Białek has been cooperating with Thales Group Since mid-2011 preparing training programmes for our managers to improve their awareness of disability and the way persons with disabilities function in modern societies.

The training delivered at the Paris seat of Thales for senior managers of our company by Mrs Małgorzata Perdeus-Białek along with its evaluation show that the trainer is perfectly prepared for her professional role as well as familiar with European solutions aimed at supporting persons with disabilities in access to education and the labour market.

Gerard Lefranc 
Director of Mission Insertion, a disability support unit at Thales

Walery Rzewuski Museum of History of Photography
in Krakow

On behalf of the staff of the Museum of History of Photography in Krakow, I would like to offer my sincere thanks for the disability awareness training delivered by Mrs Małgorzata Perdeus-Białek for MHP staff, which took place on 3 March 2014.

I am very glad to express my thanks and recommend the MOFFIN Foundation, with which we intend to continue to collaborate.

Maciej Beiersdorf
Director of the MHP until 2016

Jagiellonian University Collegium Maius Museum

The training was adjusted to various employee groups (wardens, museum guides and administrative staff) so as to match their diverse needs as much as possible. The evaluation carried out at the end of several training programmes showed that Mrs Małgorzata Perdeus-Białek was perfectly competent as a disability awareness trainer as well as brought much satisfaction to the trainees.

Such training could be successfully applied across museums and cultural institutions wishing to open up to the needs of persons with various disabilities.

Prof. Krzysztof Stopka
Director of the JU Museum


Training and Consulting

Trainees’ recommendations

A selection of opinions expressed by participants of disability awareness training courses collected by means of anonymous questionnaires.