WIN with Capgemini

Win with Capgemini is an original community engagement programme of Capgemini Polska and the Managers of the Future MOFFIN Foundation developed as a result of the partnpartners’ conviction that the effective inclusion of persons with disabilities in the labour market is something both employers and society need. That conviction is the basis of the notion known as CSR plus D. The programme was launched in 2014, initially as a pilot scheme, and continues to be developed until today, being a model solution for other companies in the sector of modern business services. It does not involve job creation in sheltered employment, nor does it use subsidies from the National Disabled Persons’ Rehabilitation Fund.

Philosophy of the programme:

Efforts to be made by the employer, including:

  • recruitment process adaptation
  • adaptation of induction training (onboarding) for candidates with disabilities
  • adaptation of existing functions/workstations, accessible to all, if needed
  • purchase and application – if needed – of assistive technologies, such as the screen magnifier Zoomtext or Jaws
  • ensuring disability awareness training – matching the needs of the participants
  • adaptation of training improving the competences of the candidates
  • constant disability awareness building in the enterprise and improving the flexibility of corporate processes and activities in order to be able to ensure maximum efficiency in including persons with disabilities in employee teams
  • constant improvement of knowledge of available assistive technologies and solutions supporting function/workstation adaptation
  • identification of financial mechanisms inside the company supporting employment of persons with disabilities (an innovation presented during the Come CloSeR Show 2018)

Efforts to be made by candidates with disabilities:

  • it is the competences rather than disability certificate that remain the main criterion for selecting candidates to be recruited
  • constant willingness to development one’s competences
  • willingness to support the employer in the search for best adaptations; openness and good communication skills
  • understanding the employer’s business needs
  • ability to work in a team

The innovation consists in the fact that all stakeholders are involved in the implementation of the rules of the programme, from the employee, team and team leader to HR personnel and office administration, all the way to a management board member. Inclusion, in turn, consists in the fact that the persons with disabilities employed thanks to the programme are invited to evaluate its ongoing operation as well as express comments and ideas so that the enterprise can become more open to specific needs, an approach penetrating all its levels.

We believe that while the path leading to the full accessibility of companies may be long and winding, thanks to such an approach to innovation and social inclusion we can say already now that persons with disabilities are treated on an equal footing with others and at the same time receive the compensation they need along with reasonable adjustments. We are keen to share our experiences relative to the implementation of the Win with Capgemini programme, described in greater detail in the guidebook The Accessible Company in an Accessible Environment as well as inspiring numerous international companies represented on the Come CloSeR to Disability task force and other economic operators interested in the notion of accessibility and using the potential offered by groups of persons so far marginalised and excluded in the context of employment.

Candidates with disabilities interested in the Win with Capgemini programme are invited to send their applications to: or, like any other candidate, just send their CV in reply to a given job offer here.

We invite you to watch a short film where Capgemini recruiters explain the recruitment process applied also in the case of candidates with disabilities. Their tips will be certainly useful when preparing your job application file and job interview. We encourage the candidates to clearly communicate their disability-related needs. The film features audio description.



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